Should You Buy It?: Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer


Try to buy a baby bath thermometer that isn’t shaped like an animal or transportation device. I dare you.

Marcus and I like our space. We like it not covered in baby crap. I truly believe this is why we did not purchase a bath thermometer until Faye was 4 months old.

Up until that point we had been using an old digital candy thermometer of mine. It took a temperature, but it couldn’t be submerged in water which meant I had to continually take readings throughout bathtime. It was also off by 31 degrees so there was that added bonus of simple math equations after no sleep for the past quarter of a year all while trying to keep an infant afloat.

Eventually, we caved and bought a bath thermometer. While I would have much preferred a simple white disc with an LED display, it seems the rest of the world prefers some sort of animal as there were no chic thermometers to be had no matter where we looked.

For less than $13 we purchased the ‘Turtlemeter’ which I’ve dubbed the ‘Turtleometer’ because it sounds more like ‘thermometer’ than ‘turtlemeter.’ We’ve been using it for over a month and really like it. It is super simple to use, seems to have a long battery life (we haven’t changed the batteries it came with), and is quite hardy. Put it in water and you’re ready to go.

The LED display uses both color and a number to inform the user of the temperature. Blue and it’s ‘too cold’, green ‘your fine’, and red is ‘too hot.


HOW IT WORKS: When water touches the three mounds of solder on the turtle’s belly/crotchal area it closes the electrical connection, turning on the device. This is pretty important to note as just lifting the turtle out of the bath when you are done using it will not automatically turn off the turtle as water usually collects in between the mounds. Simply give the bottom of the turtle a wipe against a towel and it will shut off.


Getting the Turtle’s bits wet turn it on. Coincidence? I think not.

BONUS: Faye seems to dig this turtle and tries to grab it as it floats by her tiny hands.


If you’re shopping for a bath thermometer, I highly recommend the portable Turtlemeter Baby Bath Floating Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer. At $12.95 it is definitely a great purchase.

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