DIY: 5 Minute Toddler Paint Brushes

DIY 5 Minute Toddler Paint Brushes

These easy to make 5 Minute Toddler Paint Brushes can be used over and over again.

I bought Faye some non-toxic, eco-friendly, made from plants, powdered paints and decided to let her try them out the other day. The only problem – I didn’t have paint brushes that were big enough to grab a significant amount of paint, but small enough that if they were thrown, flung, or excitedly waved back and forth wouldn’t turn my kitchen into a disaster area.

I did, however, have some craft sticks, hot glue, thick thread, an unused kitchen sponge, and five minutes before she woke from her nap. Hence, these babies.


Faye enjoying her new paint brushes.

Clean up depends on your paint of choice. (Of which, I was not a giant fan. Oh, how I hate kid-friendly, muted, flakey, turns-to-mold-in-two-weeks paints.) I rinse my brushes and let them dry.

  • 1 unused kitchen sponge cut into 5 equal pieces
  • 5 craft sticks
  • 5 feet of twine (I used waxed thread. Kitchen twine would work well.)
  • hot glue gun and 1 glue stick

Add some hot glue and you are good to start crafting.


  1. Bend one of the dry sponge pieces in half length wise so you know where the middle of the sponge is located.
  2. Add some hot glue to both sides of one of the tips of a craft stick. Place the folded sponge around the tip so that it covers the glue. Pinch and hold the sponge to help secure it to the stick while the hot glue dries. IMG_0684
  3. Take a 12″ length of twine and tie and wrap it around the sponge to secure it even further to the craft stick. Add a dollop of hot glue to the final knot if you feel it needs more security.
  4. Repeat for the remaining 4 craft sticks.
  5. Wet the sponges lightly before giving them to your toddler to enjoy. Go have a coffee and relax while your toddler is occupied for 15 minutes.

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