Stories for Free Children – A Must for Any Child’s Library

You'll have to get a used copy. This book has been out of print for a while.

You’ll have to get a used copy. This book has been out of print for a while.

Stories for Free Children is one of the best collection of short stories, fairy tales, and fables I’ve ever come across for children. It emphasizes non-sexist, multi-racial and multicultural themes, but in a natural, non-preachy or judgmental way.

Compiled from the features in Ms. Magazine from 1972-1982, the book is divided into three sections: “Fables and Fairy Tales for Everyday Life”, “Famous Women, Found Women” and “Fun, Facts and Feelings.” In the first section you’ll “find stories that both escape the bounds of the here and now and help children cope with their own here and now with fresh insight”. In the second, stories introduce the reader to female heros both known and “almost anonymous.”  The last section “deals with everyday reality, the people children know, the circumstances of their lives, the problems they face, and what they think and feel about it.”

Totally thought this story was going to end differently...

Totally thought this story was going to end differently…

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Book Review: “I Want My Hat Back” by Jon Klassen

I Want My Hat Back - Cover

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen has won numerous awards and praise for both its story and visuals. In this mom’s opinion they are all well deserved, especially the 2012 E.B. White Read Aloud Award. Maybe it’s my background in animation and acting, but I love, love, love making up character voices and this book makes it sooooo easy to do so. And, Faye gets a total kick out of them–especially my turtle. I get a kick out of watching her react.

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“The Abecedarian Book” – One of the Best Children’s Books to Date

The Abecedarian Book Cover

If there is one book you should purchase for your kid, this is it. The Abecedarian Book by Charles W. Ferguson is the most interesting children’s book I’ve come across to date. Simply put, this book teaches big words, letter by letter, and their etymology in a memorable way.

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