DIY Diaper Rash Butt Spray (aka My Version of CJ’s BUTTer Spritz)


My homemade organic version of CJ’s BUTTer Spritz – I dare say it’s better since it contains aloe vera oil.

Am I weird because I love diaper changing time? I’ve used the RIE approach to diaper changing since Faye was born and it has paid off big time. It is all about slowing down and giving the child gentle, undivided, unplugged attention. Ask for their help. Ask for their permission. Sure, it may take 15 minutes, but sometimes, those 15 minutes are the highlight of my day.

I also have fallen in love with my DIY version of CJ’s BUTTer Spritz. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties keeps diaper rash away and softens skin. The dispensing via a spray method versus dipping your fingers into a tub keeps it sanitary and my hands goop free. Plus, it smells great. I always spray one or two pumps into my hands, rub my hands together and then put them to my nose and inhale deeply. I then give my hands to Faye to smell and she raises her eyebrows as if in agreement it smells lovely. I never actually hear her inhale though, so I whole heartedly believe she is screwing with my head.

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DIY Natural Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper B

Faye’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unusually sensitive. We’re talking so sensitive that being in a wet cloth diaper for less than two minutes gave her a diaper rash (or dare I say, “diaper burn”) even though she was lathered in cream. Poor thing. From that moment on, my infant cloth stash that took weeks to research was sadly packed away, we switched to the most natural disposable we could find, and made sure to use a high grade/wet barrier diaper rash cream at every change.

I’m a big proponent of using natural products on myself and an even bigger advocate of doing so on infants. I also get a kick out of DIY projects and being able to whip an item up in a few minutes should we run out of something. (Which is also why I LOVE cloth wipes and homemade solution.)

With Faye strapped to my front facing out so she could clearly see what was going on, I made a diaper cream and a diaper spray. (I’ll post the spray later this week.) They only took minutes to put together and I love them both. Because of her sensitive skin I use the cream over the spray when she’ll be in a diaper for more than 2 hours.

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DIY Baby Cold and Congestion Reliever

Faye has been sick for six days. It started off with a fever and cough. With tons of rest, her fever broke within 36 hrs, but that cough continued to get worse and worse. On Saturday night, she sounded pretty bad so we decided to bring her in the bathroom for a steam bath with essential oils before shelling some $$$ out for a vaporizer. (She has a cold mist humidifier, but it wasn’t doing enough to abate her hack.)

Faye enjoying her reflection during a steam bath.

Faye enjoying her reflection during a steam bath.

The lavender and chamomile essential oils–funny enough–aren’t essential, but they definitely sped up her recovery. Plus, they make your house smell amazing. The guy who delivered our bahn mi sandwiches from Ha Noi commented on how wonderful our house smelled while he was at our door. On top of it, these are two oils that are used in almost every single DIY natural product for babies as they have fantastic qualities from anti-fungal to anti-inflammatory (lavender oil benefits, chamomile benefits). Make sure to get high quality oils ** as you want them to be as pure as possible.

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